Dermabrasion is a technique that induces controlled injury to the skin which stimulates new skin growth and repair. No cuts are made, and no stitches are required. This procedure is utilised in some cases to minimise scarring after Mohs surgery.

Intense focal dermabrasion treats skin areas that are unsightly, like scarring, where it reduces irregularities and differences in skin texture. A softer dermabrasion can also be used more generally in the face to rejuvenate aging skin.

This procedure is carried out as an office-based procedure, and the face will be red for a few days afterwards. Steroid based creams will settle the redness, and over the following weeks, skin rejuvenates.

In some cases, dependant on the type of condition and size of the area to be treated, an anaesthetic may be used. The procedure itself can take as little as 10 min or over an hour dependant on the size of the area.

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