Initial care after Mohs Surgery

Care after Mohs surgery – Following Mohs reconstruction by Dr Anthony Maloof, after removing the dressing, the area will look very different to the final result. This is first due to swelling from the surgery and then from remodelling which occurs during the wound healing phase. This differs for every patient and cannot be predicted.

Initial care after Mohs surgery nurse standing with stethoscope around her neck.

After you have returned home

Once you have returned home, you will need to follow all post operative instructions that you have received. The office will organise to also send you out a video link. The video link will take you to a short video that Dr Anthony Maloof has put together. This helps explain the post operative period in visual form.

A phone call from our nurse will be made the following day after Mohs surgery. You will be asked how you went over night and to go over post operative instructions. Generally you will also have some antibiotic cream to apply to the affected area once the dressing has been removed. As part of your care after Mohs surgery, the nurse will also book in your post operative appointment. This can be at 7, 10 or 14 days post operatively. This is based on the extent and type of reconstruction surgery for each individual patient.

Avoid exercise, heavy lifting and swimming for several days after Mohs surgery. Returning to work and driving, use common sense. We will normally give you a certificate for work for 2 weeks but you may be able to return earlier based on your job. If you have any questions about your procedure or what you can and can’t do after Mohs surgery, then give the office a call. We will be able to answer your questions and assist you to make the process as smooth as possible. You can call the office on 1300 393 322.