Mohs Reconstruction Surgery – A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Mohs Reconstruction Surgery, a ground-breaking medical procedure designed to restore not only your skin but also your confidence. At Eyes and Faces, Dr Anthony Maloof takes pride in his surgical services, including Mohs Reconstruction Surgery. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the intricacies of this remarkable procedure, shedding light on its importance, benefits, and what you can expect during the process.

Understanding Mohs Reconstruction Surgery

What is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs Reconstruction Surgery, named after its inventor Dr. Frederick Mohs, is a specialized surgical technique primarily used to treat skin cancer, especially melanoma and basal cell carcinoma. It stands out as the gold standard in skin cancer treatment due to its precision and high success rates.

How Does Mohs Surgery Work?

Tissue Preservation: Unlike traditional surgical methods that remove a wide margin of tissue around the tumour, Mohs surgery aims to conserve as much healthy tissue as possible. This is crucial for facial or sensitive area reconstructions.

Layered Approach: Mohs surgery is performed in stages. Each layer of tissue is excised and examined under a microscope in real-time. This process continues until no cancerous cells are detected, ensuring complete tumour removal.

Indications for Mohs Surgery

Mohs Reconstruction Surgery is recommended for:

  • Skin cancers with ill-defined borders
  • Large or aggressive tumours
  • Skin cancers in critical areas like the face, ears, or nose
Lentigo Maligna Melanoma
Melanoma under the eye.

The Benefits of Mohs Reconstruction Surgery

Unmatched Precision

Mohs surgery is renowned for its precision. By meticulously removing only cancerous tissue, it minimizes scarring and maximizes cosmetic outcomes. This is especially important for patients concerned about their appearance after treatment.

High Cure Rates

One of the most significant advantages of Mohs surgery is its high cure rates. With the real-time microscopic examination, the surgeon can be confident that all cancer cells are removed, leading to fewer recurrences.

Minimal Tissue Removal

Unlike traditional excision, Mohs surgery conserves a significant amount of healthy tissue, making it an ideal choice for skin cancer removal, especially in cosmetically sensitive areas.

Reduced Scarring

Due to its conservative approach, Mohs surgery often results in smaller, less noticeable scars, promoting improved post-surgery aesthetics.

Before and after Mohs reconstruction surgery performed by Dr Anthony Maloof in Sydney.
This is just after 3 months. The scarring will continue to improve over time.

The Mohs Reconstruction Process

Preparing for Surgery

Before your Mohs Reconstruction Surgery, you’ll meet with our expert team to discuss the procedure, your medical history, and any concerns you may have. This consultation is crucial for personalized treatment planning.

The Surgery Itself

Local Anaesthesia: Mohs surgery is performed under local anaesthesia, ensuring you’re comfortable and pain-free during the procedure.

Tumour Removal: The surgeon starts by removing the visible tumour. The excised tissue is divided into sections and meticulously examined.

Layer-by-Layer Analysis: If cancer cells are detected in any section, the surgeon removes another layer of tissue only from the affected area, repeating the process until no cancer cells remain.


Once the cancer is entirely removed, the surgeon will discuss reconstruction options with you. Depending on the size and location of the excision, various techniques may be employed, including:

  • Primary closure
  • Skin grafts
  • Flap surgery
An extensive bilobe flap was required to rectify the defect left behind after removing the skin cancer.

Recovering from Mohs Reconstruction Surgery

Recovery from Mohs Reconstruction Surgery is typically swift. You may experience some swelling and discomfort, which can be managed with prescribed medications. Our team will provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth healing process.

In summary, Mohs Reconstruction Surgery is a highly effective treatment option for skin cancer, offering unmatched precision, high cure rates, and minimal scarring. At Eyes and Faces, Dr Anthony Maloof is dedicated to providing you with the best possible care and results. If you or a loved one is facing skin cancer, consider Mohs Reconstruction Surgery as the gold standard in treatment.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us here. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we are here to guide you through every step of the journey towards recovery.

Remember, your health matters, and with Mohs Reconstruction Surgery, you can regain your health and confidence.

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