Patients BCC progression

This is the photograph of a patient I had first seen over 2 years ago, then again recently

He gave me this story: “I had cancer on my eyelid, and the dermatologist removed it and said it is gone. Now my eye is watery”

Patients BCC progression - this is a before photo from 2 years ago.

Have a look at the photo, and you will see all is not right. I warned him I was concerned, and scheduled him for a biopsy. He declined.

He returned 2 years later, and it looked much worse…

However, the third image shows just how bad…..evert the lid and the cancer has migrated into the orbit.

BCC progression after 2 years and no intervention. With the eyelid everted, you can see the BCC or cancer under the eyelid.

This doesn’t need a biopsy, it is a BCC!

I explained everything to the patient and he had it removed yesterday.

Wait till you see the hole.

Clinical lessons:

  1. patients say a lot, and a lot that patients say is wrong
  2. Listen, ask questions, and verify
  3. Patients often seek an easy, more comfortable, or more appealing alternatives

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